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About AlpStore


AlpStore is an international project funded by the Alpine Space Programme 2007-2013, as a part of the "European Territorial Cooperation"


Project description


Sun, water and biomass are a natural capital of the Alpine Space. It is a must to use them for theproduction of energy. Besides intelligent grids, storage systems will be key enablers for a future mostly renewable energy supply


Electric vehicles (EV) will be integral elements of the future energy system. Their batteries can be charged with excessive power from intermittent energy sources and electricity can be fed into the grid to meet peak loads. Beyond short term balancing with EVs, stationary batteries can serve long term balancing needs.  They can give EV batteries a "second life” and improve overall economy of electric mobility. Other media such as gas or compressed air will add more choices. 

Partners in seven countries create master plans for the deployment of storagesPilot tests will show the feasibility of mobile and stationary storage in public infrastructure, business parks, enterprises and smart homes. From there guidelines for planners and decision makers will be derived.


More details on project can be found on http://alpstore.info

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